Health is Wealth


Holistic health entire premise concerns the notion that we can achieve optimum health, when all of our connected systems are in balance.

LEGACY aim is to facilitate opportunities for the community to access to holistic health practices and local experts at affordable price points in a conducive space environment.

We offer members of the community and local trainees the opportunity to gain knowledge, training and qualifications in some of the following aspects of holistic health practices via workshops, classes and courses delivered by professional trainers / facilitators at LEGACY.

They include:

·Improving lifestyle, and managing stress, Advise therapeutic menu and nutrients, Meal plans, Grocery lists, Food journals, Provide follow-up support and recommendations, Teach health professionals and consumers, Consult with other practitioners, Life Coach, Medical Herbalism, Nutritional Therapy and Aromatherapy.

Supporting holistic health professionals, HH social enterprises and local HH businesses with lead generation programmes, holistic health retail products, multi-functional spaces and other enterprise profit-sharing opportunities for those with the recognised skillsets and expertise.


We provide an employment services platform and onsite workshop centre for holistic health services providers. Holistic health services offered at discounted prices for local people by verified services providers includes:

Alternative Therapies, Specialised Holistic Health Treatments, Nutrition, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Physical Well-Being, Kemetic Yoga, Martial Arts, Spiritual Development, Reiki and Crystal Healing

Offering the community, a Holistic Health Surgery on a weekly basis as well as inviting Qualified Therapists to provide treatments at an affordable discounted rate.

We also offer holistic health seminars, exhibitions, meetups, consultations, workshops and other pop up events on a scheduled basis delivered by qualified experts.

We support the advancement of an Holistic Health lifestyle, by using our mobile kitchen space vehicle to cook, deliver serve and educate various social demographic members of the public with fresh holistic health food accompanied with information on preparing and understanding the food they are being served.

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