Legacy foundation global is a Not for Profit community organisation that empowers BAME people through education, personal development, leadership, wellbeing and social development.

Legacy Foundation global recognise the diverse achievements within the BAME community. Legacy Gala community events have raised thousands of pounds over the last five years for the development of many projects, e.g. Joe's Community Gym.

Additional benefits:

•Highlighting priority community issues and providing informing strategies, services and projects to empower the next generation.
• Providing a platform for local providers to showcase their impact and provide access information.
• Providing taster sessions of the services Legacy Gala has developed.
• Offering leadership development opportunities through mentoring and training workshops.
• Providing an information point and stalls for sharing educational information and advice
• Inviting specialist providers from Third Sector/Statutory Sector, to update attendees on key areas, e.g. health, environmental issues, careers etc.

This event will bring people together from BAME communities and help provide a better vision/understanding of their success stories and needs, leading to the development of increased confidence in each other, in their businesses and organisations and provide generic organisations with a clearer vision of the needs of members of BAME communities, enabling them to tailor services/projects appropriately. We will encourage organisations to share practice and experiences, leading to the development of partnerships.

Ultimately, this project will enable participants to increase their awareness about routes they can take to help them fulfil their potential and identify the most effective processes for advancement. We also will produce a professional video recording of the whole project/event and this will be shared online with thousands of people, who will also benefit and improve their life chances.

1. The legacy awards ceremony and legacy foundation will empower participants, increase self-belief and improve life chances. This project will help to break down negative stereo types and labels regularly placed upon BAME communities.
Our project will provide a safe environment for the wider community to learn more about the achievements of BAME communities, fostering better relationships with stakeholders and responsible authorities. Our event will also bring families and communities together, through combined community action and development.
2. Austerity measures resulted in cuts of around 33% and spaces such as parks are often poorly used by families, due to poor conditions and associations with anti-social behaviour/criminal activity. The Family fun day  presents a key opportunity for local families to enjoy Jubilee Park’s green and open space(s).
3. The family fun day  will host IAG stalls, providing education, careers, enterprise, early intervention, wellbeing support, environmental awareness, signposting etc. helping people take steps towards improving their lives.

Enfield and London has a large multi-cultural population, of which a considerable proportion are of BAME heritage. Drawing on all our experiences, skills and knowledge base, we have established a number of priority areas, which need to be addressed within BAME communities and we have held consultations with professionals and community members outside of our target group.

We work with and support BAME young people, who are traditionally considered ‘hard-to-reach’ and therefore their ‘voices’ are often absent from developments that directly affect them. They face multiple disadvantages and challenges; therefore, Legacy Gala’s key ethos includes ensuring our beneficiaries are engaged with the organisation at the outset of developing projects and new initiatives – so that they have meaningful ownership of our services. We have established a steering group including some of our beneficiaries who contribute to strategic and grassroots developments.

Regular surveys and interviews with users help us evaluate our programmes and services for learning purposes. We have identified gaps in youth provision in the London Borough of Enfield and more widely across London, through consultations with youth led organisations. We have forged relationships with statutory providers, e.g. Met police, fire brigade, youth services, youth offending team and CAMHS.


We offer and facilitate programmes, projects, workshops, classes, training across a range of personal interests and professional industry sectors that includes:.

Holistic Health / Spiritual Wellbeing, Beauty (Make Up, Hair Braiding and Barbering), Fashion, Media Production, Crafts, Tech, Property Services/Construction, Craftsmanship and Design, Logistics and Transportation, Nutrition, Music, Finance, Self-Development, Parenting/Family, Love and Relationships and Sustainability/Environmental


Our approach to community employment is all encompassing. We provide the following employment services that is focused on supporting individuals towards skills development and employment.
Our activities include:

·Job Fairs (Interns, Apprenticeships,Traineeships), Career Plan Consultation, Work Placement, Volunteer Programme, Work Experience, Interview Coaching and Work Clothes Donations.



We support Social Enterprises, Ethical / Local Businesses, Independent Start ups, Cooperatives, Community Organisations and Charities.
Our·areas of support include:

Spaces Support, Media Support, Staffing Support, Tech Support, Marketing Support, Investment Support, Enterprise Support Centre and Co-working/Co-business space


We use events to engage with the community, enable access to information and to encourage participation in interactive event experiences.

Community Activities, Immersive Experiences, Exhibitions, Private Parties, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Seminars, Talent Showcases,
Galleries, Screenings, Theatre, Workshops, Meet Ups and Classes.