Our Founders and Custodians

London City
Marlow Morris 

Marlow is known as a serial entrepreneur and visionary who has been responsible for identifying, renovating and restoring disused and dilapidated buildings transforming them into lively, financially viable, community hubs. He owns the Legacy Lounge in Essex and Phoenix hospitality services along with his overseas construction and commodities services. His most significant reconstruction project to date was located in the heart of East London on the doorstep of the Olympic Village where he managed and facilitated, ICAN Studios, which became one of East London’s most notable venues for events, conferences and community and faith-based outreach project. Despite his many achievements, Marlow’s passion for progress and his desire to be a philanthropic role model does not permit him to get caught up in the accolades of past successes but rather fuels his determination for those that await him in the future.

On June 9th 2018 Marlow was a strategic partner in the Living Legends Legacy Boxing Gala, a pioneering awards ceremony for unsung heroes within the community.

The event was held in association with Frank Warren and other local organisations who are making a difference in the community. As a result of the success of the Legacy Gala, our goal is to take the Legacy concept and turn
it into a movement, throughout this year we have shared the vision globally in countries like Mauritius, Kenya, Portugal, Jamaica, St Lucia looking to establish global links around Legacy, politically, socially, spiritually and economically. We are seeking opportunities around property development, training young people giving them opportunities around entrepreneurship which is all part of our long
As a result of the success of the Legacy Gala, our goal is to take the Legacy concept and turn it into a movement, throughout this year we have shared the vision globally...
Taking the vision around Legacy as a movement and not just an event. In 2019 we plan to take the concept even further building on its foundation in honour of the Visionary and Founder Joseph Morris who died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 10th 2018. The Legacy Foundation which was launched prior to his passing will provide opportunities for young people such as sponsorships and entrepreneurial opportunities. The Foundation has been laid and our intention is to build upon that foundation in the months and years to come.

The Legacy Lounge, the Living Legends Legacy Boxing Gala and the Legacy Foundation are all by products of the Legacy Gala.
The Legacy Lounge has created jobs, work experience and a place for people to host their projects services and events. The venue has also been used as a vehicle and a platform to build other events nationally and internationally. In May 2019 we will be bringing a constituent of young artists to Kenya as a cultural exchange, showcasing the diasporas arts and crafts through festivals, super clubs, TV and radio shows. We will also showcase the legacy that has been created through artistry that has come from slavery back to the Motherland.

Viv Ahmun 

The mission of the annual Legacy Gala is to celebration, the Gala Foundation and this publication is simple, yet powerful:

“To celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of African and African Caribbean professionals and their related organisations that have contributed to the progress of their communities in the UK. To ensure their legacy is established and sustained and that their work continues and excels.”Leading influencers of African and African Caribbean heritage from across the professional sectors, came together to create an event to celebrate their visibility and often undervalued and unrecognized contribution towards making a difference for individuals, organisations and communities in the UK. The need for an organised, strategic and collaborative Black Professional Sector is compelling. We are absolutely clear that this annual Legacy celebration will play a key role not only for the bene t of individuals, but for society as a whole.

We are part of an emerging generation of professionals and entrepreneurs who are striving for increased economic and political progression within a wider Black and Minority Ethnic community that already possesses immense spending power and untapped political influence. We want to celebrate our successes and build meaningful relationships with those who wish to see our continued progression, and work with us to address the needs and challenges facing our communities.Never has the need been as pronounced as it is now, for professionals of African and African Caribbean heritage to strategically partner, network and deliver effective outcomes, to ensure a better political, social and economic standing in this country for themselves and those who will inherit what we have left. The annual Gala provides a rallying and clarion call for this to happen and will provide a catalyst for the future work taking place, involving some of the new partnerships formed on the Gala night and future Legacy related events.

Funds raised from our annual Legacy Gala evening will be invested in the critically important community building, leadership development and violence reduction work being driven by Blaksox, the Society of Black Lawyers, OBV and others, all of whom are increasingly partnering with smaller community based services up and down the country

Simon Whoolley 

Operation Black Vote is 100 % committed to the Legacy Gala because it is the perfect vehicle for celebrating our achievements, and there is much that we get right that is never covered in the state press. This last year, we saw the election of Sadiq Khan, a BAME Muslim man as Mayor of London and Marvin Rees, a black man of African and African Caribbean heritage as Mayor of Bristol. We have much to celebrate despite the fact that we have increasing challenges ahead of us. It makes perfect sense for us to do the celebrating together as well as the defending of our rights. We look forward to being an active partner in next year’s event and the work that takes place in between.

David Weaver 

David Weaver is a specialist in corporate mediation, leadership training across all sectors, recruitment, and organisational policy. Whilst David has a passion for working with large organisations to resolve complex challenges, his real passion remains in the social justice related work that he drives through leading organisations like Operation Black Vote and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Lee Jasper 

I am a proud Blaksox sponsor. That’s an incredibly important statement
for me. It means that I am passionately committed to the movement
and pledge to fund through monthly donations and a signi cant time commitment. Giving back for me, is paying forward. Investing in a self- nanced movement is laying the foundations for the institutional legacy we intend to bequeath to the next generation. As elders, we must restore our own integrity through the promotion of ethical leadership and economic independence. My management consultancy business focuses on strategic urban, policy development. I specialise in policy and training in the eld of equalities, ethics in criminal justice and policing, sustainable economic and environmental development. I have seen the pride in eyes of Blaksox young people when they are able to tell statutory bodies, ‘We don’t want or need your money”. That’s why Blaksox is so important to my company.

Peter Herbert O.B.E

We have warmed to our relationship with Blaksox because our relationship allows us to play to our strengths. We know the law and primarily focus on seeking justice and ensuring our people continue to have access to justice in the same ways as an entitled white person whilst Blaksox focuses on bringing the capacity to mobilise and get things done. We expect to work with the network and others who share our commitment to partnership because it makes simple sense.


Alison De Souva 

Teen Mentor & Life Coach

When I first heard the concept of The Legacy Gala and the work of Blaksox, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. Having worked as a teen mentor since the mid 90’s, both in the UK and US, I have seen rst-hand the e ect an absence of positive role models can have on young people. I have come to realise that, in some circumstances, the only reason young people “act out” is simply because they lack the guidance in the home that will steer them on the path to fulfilling their potential. They are craving the mature, positive, adult influence that will help coach them into adulthood. And that is what The Legacy Gala and Blaksox represent; implementing projects within the community that, to coin a phrase, is “for us, by us”. It is no longer about waiting for the government or local authorities to implement initiatives for our communities and young people; we collectively must take the responsibility. In doing so, we are inevitably enriching and saving the lives of our young people.

Sarah Moore

As CEO of GeeStor Productions Sarah Moore represents comedians, DJ’s, actors and presenters and over the last two decades has facilitated hundreds of shows.
Over the past 3 decades GeeStor productions have put on plays, musicals, comedy shows, arranged weddings, brought international artists to the UK, developed local talent and raised huge amounts for charity. Working both as a production house and agency, GeeStor works as a total entertainment concept with every event put on with passion, care and professionalism. GeeStor Productions has put on shows in some of the country’s leading venues, including The Palladium, 02, Labatt’s Apollo, Hackney Empire & London’s Grosvenor Hotel.
Involvement ranges from fully organising, publicising, staffing, administrating and costing, to simply providing some of the fantastic talent on the GeeStor roster. GeeStor Production’s artists have appeared at Glastonbury, developed pilots for TV, appeared in big budget movies, interviewed Hollywood stars and played music internationally.
GeeStor is committed to supporting and raising money for charity. Sarah was instrumental in an annual show Strictly Come Laughing that raised more than £100,000 for a small town in Ghana. Sarah climbed Kilimanjaro in 2015 with Eddie Nestor, his wife Lisa and their fitness instructor Dave McQueen raising £40,000 for charity. Robbie Gee had been scheduled to join them but having spent most of his training in McDonalds was unable to make the weight limit.
Sarah is a trustee of the Rudolph Walker Foundation and recently produced his 80th birthday celebration at the Hackney Empire to raise funds for the charity having produced his 70th there to raise the funds with which Rudolph launched the Foundation. 


Joe Morris