About Our Mission

Image by Eva Dang
Our Mission

Our aim is to assist our community by enhancing their lives through mediums such as education, personal development programs and well-being by providing support to them and local business enterprises.

In so doing, we encourage a general consistency amongst the wider community and create a collective understanding that through collaboration, we can achieve anything that we desire.

We create a safe space where communities can discover and develop some of their gifts and talents by engaging with them and empowering them to channel their energy in the most appropriate way. We recognise and reward raw talent and build platforms for them to be celebrated locally, nationally and internationally through our connections, publications and partnerships with professional organisations and individuals such as lawyers, judges, barristers, media & sports personalities and teachers.

In celebrating individuals on open platforms, we give them a sense of purpose which is greater than them alone. Legacy is paramount to us and we help to build lasting legacies that can be passed on through generations.

At Legacy, we intend to provide opportunities and outlets for young people and adults within the community that will:


Our purpose is to help young people stay alive and as such we have created a safe space where they can discover and develop some of their gifts and talents. Sadly many have yet to identify their unique gifts or the talents which have the potential to make them stand out and be set apart. Our job at Legacy is to help them engage and empower them to utilise the gifts and talents which they already posses, often disguised as raw materials.


Our aim is to help young people discover and develop the skill sets that will be necessary to help them live a life that is enriched and empowered. We believe that all young people regardless of age, race, gender, status or cultural background have the potential to lead an exceptional life.


Our intention is to help young people realise their value and to make decisions that will enhance and not danger their future. Our intention is to encourage and equip young people to develop a sense


Our intention is to encourage and equip young people to develop a sense of purpose, why they are here and why they do what they do. We understand that many have a short-sighted vision which can at times prevent them from seriously considering the impact and consequences of their actions.


Our responsibility is to connect young people to a sense of purpose which is bigger and brighter that their current situation or circumstance.